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The San Diego Guild of Puppetry has been creating lasting memories for nearly 60 years here in beautiful San Diego.  We teach, we perform, we build and we honor our history through actively engaging with our community.  We are dedicated to bringing the magic of puppet theatre to you and yours.


World Puppetry Day in City Heights, March 2016.




 The City Heights Puppet Project is underway at the Weingart Library’s Performance Annex with a series of monthly performances, workshops, parades, exhibits, and art and puppet making activities for all ages, spearheaded by Nigel Brookes, the manager of the Performance Annex, Animal Cracker Conspiracy, and the San Diego Guild of Puppetry.



February:   “Shadow Art Party” for adults- an evening of projected shadow puppet and mask making with music by Trio Gadjo

March:       “World Day of Puppetry Celebration” for children, families and adults with workshops, parades, performances, and an exhibit

April:         “Edo Marionette Performance” from Japan




Here are a few quotes testifying to the value of our work:
      “While the children learned a vast amount of skills of creating puppets and making them come to life, what they learned was so much more than that. The turn taking, respect for each other, and acceptance of ideas that are different than their own are all skills they will take with them through life… To walk in and see parents working side-by-side with their children was truly special and something that we work on daily here at Children’s services: getting the parents involved in what is important to their children.” 
     - Jennifer Ryan, Children’s Services Program Manager, St. Vincent de Paul Village

     “You pushed me into working harder and didn't let me give up. You made me laugh. When I needed you, you were there for me to help. Thank you for not letting me give up on myself.” 
     - 6th grader, Monroe Clark Middle School

     “I loved going to puppetree. I like the countdown. I like the caterpillar conga. I hope we get to go to puppetree agin.”
     - 1st grader, Freese Elementary, with her spelling