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Giant Puppet Parades

Walking Gargantuans

Giant Puppet Parades have a long, glorious history all over the world.  From Liverpool to Bangladesh, colorful handmade creatures roar through the streets celebrating their culture's biggest moments. 

With its roots in the sacred, giant effigy figures were most often the intermediaries of shamans and priests.  Large structures were used in explaining the world, passing on myths, legends, and the social customs or practices of the people. 

Thousands of years ago, beautiful creatures and powerful representations of the unknown could be found in Southeast Asia, Africa, and among many Native American peoples.

During the middle ages, giant puppets became an important part of Carnival celebrations all over the world and their tradition continues today.

Currently in the US, giant puppets are playing a growing part in community arts events and annual celebrations (ex. First Night and Halloween) as well as effective figures of political and social protest.

With this monumental intrinsic value, the giant puppet parades we create today have the opportunity to teach us about our history and make new paths for the future.

Silvio with grinning boy leading Monroe Clark Annual Parade to Rosa Parks Elementary

Silvio with grinning boy leading Monroe Clark Annual Parade to Rosa Parks Elementary

What we can bring to your site/event

The Guild can facilitate the creation of many different types of parades. You can choose to use puppets from our existing stock for a parade or bring us to help you create puppets, masks and/or banners for your own parade. With us on board, we guarantee that you'll have enough puppets for 50 to 500 or more participants.