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Custom Puppets


San Diego Guild of Puppetry has the skills to make the puppet or puppets that you need.


While each custom puppet has different costs and requirements, this list should be used a guide to get a basic estimate of what each type of puppet costs. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


Example puppets can be viewed by scrolling on the left.




  • Small Portrait Puppets                                    ($300- $500)
  • Portrait Marionettes                                         ($3,000- $7,500)
  • Small and simple                                              ($100)
  • Hand Puppets                                                   ($150- 500)
  • Rod Puppets                                                     ($150- 500)
  • Tabletop                                                             ($150- 500}
  • Shadow                                                              ($10-100)
  • Costume Character                                          ($750 - $2500)
  • Giant                                                                  ($500- $5,000)



We can also restore, repair and restring many damaged puppets or tangled marionettes.